Goupil G4 Mixed Box

Modular vehicle for more applications. Goupil G4 Mixed Box is multifunctional commercial vehicle with cargo area and rear case for tools storage.

Goupil G4

Mixed Box

2 Passengers
Street Legal
Lead/Lithium batteries
Up to 643 Kg
Up to 50 Km/h
Up to 143 Km

Utility commercial vehicle
with loading floor and rear toolbox

Based on a modular chassis, Goupil G4 Mixed Box combines two vehicles in only one electric mean. The loading bed, with removable sides, carries loads and materials. While the closed box, allocated behind cabin compartment, is an easy storage for work equipments. With this set-up the electric vehicle is used in gardening services both in municipal spaces and parks, flower beds or private areas. Full electric and approved for road use, G4 Mixed Box is available in three versions: waste collector with tipper tub, fixed pick-up or tipper.


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