Goupil G4 Mixed HP

Modular design of Goupil G4 Mixed HP combines the high pressure washer with loading bed and side rails, for cleaning and washing urban areas.

Goupil G4

Mixed HP

2 Passengers
Street Legal
Lead/Lithium batteries
Up to 647 Kg
Up to 50 Km/h
Up to 143 Km

Electric vehicle with professional pressure washer
for street cleaning

Multiple configurations and modular design makes Goupil G4 versatile to pull double or triple duty. The Mixed HP commercial vehicle is a dropside pick-up with a professional high-pressure cleaner. Mixed version is perfect for management and cleaning of urban and green areas. Goupil G4 Mixed HP has a pressure washer module with 200 liters water tank, flexible hose, lance and hydro jet high or low pressure nozzle. Full electric, the pick-up is used for washing walls, bins, streets, sidewalks and also for public green care.
For the refuse collection service, Goupil G4 Mixed is available in three set-ups: waste collector, fixed pick-up and tipper. Compact and agile, electric vehicle gets around in narrow streets, small towns and closed areas. Street legal and eco-friendly, Goupil G4 can circulate also in limitated traffic zones.


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