Goupil G4 Waste Collector

Goupil G4 Waste Collector is the electric vehicle equipped with tipper tub for dustbin collection in Municipalities and private sites.

Goupil G4

Waste Collector

2 Passengers
Street Legal
Lead/Lithium batteries
Up to 877 Kg
Up to 50 Km/h
Up to 143 Km

Electric vehicle
with waste collection body

Designed for the collection and transport of solid waste, this electric vehicle, with his zero emissions, circulates in controlled traffic zone, parks, station, airports, residence, sportive centers, indoors and private areas. The garbage collection body has a capacity of 2,3 m³, with a tipping angle of 90°. This inclination lets directly dumping the refuses from tub to collection point. With a side door, puts on 1,4 meters from the floor, the operator can loading trash bag and waste without efforts. Waste body is equipped with upper towel cover, for moving loose and bulk loads, like sheets and paper, easily and safety.
Goupil G4 is also available in mixed version. Combined with high-pressure cleaner for bin washing or rear box for tool storage, this electric vehicle has a significant advantage in the urban collection of waste and raw materials.


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