Goupil G2


The G2 is the most compact of Goupil work vehicles.

A modern design, a smooth drive and easy to use, this vehicle is the new solution for to have practicality, agility and productivity at work. With set-ups available, the G2 is an utility machine used for short trips, cargo delivery, work equipment transport. Homologated for road use and able to carry up to 600 kg, with its versatility is the perfect job partner in industrial sites, service companies and hotel. Full electric, it moves easily in small and indoor spaces, sensitive areas and the city centers. G2 can be customized in all details.


Models Goupil G2

Technical Sheet
EU type of certification L7e – CU*
Seating 2
Max speed 30 km/h
Fully loaded weight – Lead / Lithium 1.100 kg
Total Towing Capacity in combination 1333 kg
Max. Slope (with no load) 25%
Turning radius 4700 mm
Engine type AC 48V Asynchronous
Nominal Power 5,1 kW
Max Power 11,5 kW
Max Torque 60 Nm
Type of transmission Rigid axle with reducer and differential
Gear ratio 17.05:1
Producer Curtis
Power Controller 36-48 V
Main brakes system Hydraulic – dual circuit in H
Front disk brakes 260 mm
Rear drum brakes 230 mm
Parking brake Hand actuated
Front suspensions McPherson type / 152 mm
Rear suspensions McPherson type / 153 mm
Road type tyres – L7e Tubeless Radial Steel
Size 175/70 R14 84H
Rim 5,5×14 4/115/70 ET56
Recommended pressure 2,5 Bar
Turf type tyres – Not L7e Tubeless Radial Steel
Size 24X8,5-14 4PR
Rim 7×14 4/115/70 ET44
Recommended pressure – | 1.5 Bar
Tecnologia Piombo Acido Litio LiFePo4
Capacità 5,8 kWh 5,2 kWh 8,6 kWh
Amperaggio 120 Ah 100 Ah 180 Ah
Voltaggio 48 V 51,2 V 51,2 V
Autonomia Batterie – Test R101 45 km 61 km 100 km
Peso Batterie 164 Kg 45 Kg 76 Kg
Tempo Ricarica 6h00 @ 13A 6h30 @ 13A 11h00 @ 13A
Caricabatterie a bordo ad alta frequenza 48V/21A
Tipologia di spina/ IP Ratio A 4 Poli – IP 54
IP Ratio IP 66/ Resistente all’acqua
Dissipazione di calore Passiva
Alimentazione elettrica 230V 16A
*L7e – CU Regolamento (U.E) N.168/2013: quadriciclo pesante per scopi commerciali idoneo alla circolazione stradale.

The features, the equipments and the technical data are subject to variations. We improve our vehicles thanks to constant research and development. Therefore, these features may change or be unavailable. We suggest to contact us to verify the correspondence with the information shown and we decline all responsibility for any involuntary inconsistencies.