Goupil G5

The Goupil G5 is an utility vehicle with more space, autonomy and speed than G2 and G4.

It is a professional zero emission electric vehicle with road omologation, towing and loading capacity. Like the G4, this machine has a larger chassis, customizable with more configurations, like loading bed, waste collection tank, van, high pressure washer, storage box, removable drop sides and others. Focused on the space and cabin comfort, the G5 will be the perfect partner for urban and extraurban trips. The G5 offers unique equipments on the 100% electric utility compact vehicle: hooklift, tipper equipped with a container lift, fridge van, leaf collector and combined models. This electric work vehicle has more possibility to application, for example industry, leisure, facilities management, last mile delivery, local authority, healthcare and university. The G5 is a N1 European road omologated vehicle, available with lithium batteries or lead batteries and recharges with a standard outlet (220 V). With a comfortable interior and compact external dimensions, the G5 combines all the carrying capacity you need in an electric van with the agility to move in closed areas.

Technical Sheet
EU type of certification N1
Seating 2
Max speed 70 km/h
Fully loaded weight 2001 kg
Total Towing Capacity (in private area) 3050 kg
Total Towing Capacity (braked trailer) 1000 kg
Total Towing Capacity (unbraked trailer) 750 kg
Max. Slope (with no load) 30%
Turning radius 4200 mm
Engine type AC 77V Induction/Asynchronous
Nominal Powere 10,7 kW
Max Power 21,7 kW
Max Torque 37 Nm
Type of transmission Rigid axle with reducer and differential
Gear ratio 14.89:1
Producer Curtis
Power Controller 48-80V
Main brakes system X dual circuit braking system
Front disk brakes 240 mm
Rear drum brakes 230 mm
Front suspensions Indipendent McPherson type
Rear suspensions Indipendent McPherson type
Tyres type Tubeless Radial Steel
Size 155R13C
Recommended pressure 4,5 Bar
Technology Lithium LiFePo4
Battery Pack Capacity 11,5 kWh 19,2 kWh
Amperage 160 Ah 200 Ah
Range (according Test Cycle R10) 102 km 171 km
Battery Weight 175 Kg 250 Kg
Charging time 5h00 8h30
On board charger high frequency 77V / 30A
Power supply 230V 16A
Auxialy Battery 12 V Yes

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