Customization service

Exelentia studies vehicle’s personalizations based on user preferences. Both you need an electric vehicle for your business and you choose a NEV for the urban mobility, Exelentia manufactures the best solution for each application.

Electric Special Vehicles is the Company’s division dedicated to customization. Here, expert engineers and mechatronics technician design and develop equipment and special configurations for your vehicles. For example, vehicles with a double-sided driving system used in road tunnels or vehicles with personalized driving system, like right-hand drive. Many configurations are allowed for waste collection and street cleaning vehicles. These NEVs have different set-ups like waste collection body with bin lift system or tipping cargo bed with drop sides. Others available equipment are street-cleaning with front bar and spray nozzle, or refrigerated vans for food deliveries. Moreover, Exelentia guarantees the requirements for electric special vehicle to be street legal.

Upon request, Exelentia customizes car paint, battery type, driving modes, tyres and others. We take account of all the possible options for simplify your work and your urban life.