Range and recharge

How to charge an electric car

Exelentia electric cars can be charge easily at home or while working, by plugging into a domestic socket Schuko or using a wallbox. In any case, you need of 16 A range. There are also available public charging stations. You can charge your car when parked in public locations, like at the supermarket, gym, shopping centers. Find a charging point is more simple, because of the increasing number of electric vehicles on the market.

Time, range and costs

The cost and time to charge an electric car varies between locations, for example if you recharge at home, at work, or you prefer charging on public networks. Also electric cars’ range is different from vehicle to vehicle. However, more power means faster charge. Exelentia electric vehicles are available with two typology of battery pack: Lead-Acid batteries or Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. The performances are different, depending on final users requests. Lead battery with 15,4 kWh of power has a range of 90 km. Instead, Lithium battery, with 14,4 kWh of power, has a range of more than 140 km.