Urban electric scooters:
enjoy your free time and make your work more efficient

Removable battery

The new Silence Power Battery Pack has wheels and a handle so you can move it around comfortably and safely. With this trolley system, you don’t waste time and charge your battery using any power point, while you are at home or at work. It’s very simple. You can lift the seat, flip the safety lever, remove the Battery pack and take the battery with you. Then charge your battery by plugging into a standard outlet.


Control your scooter at all times. With the Silence App, you always know where your scooter is, and can get status updates on the vehicle and its battery, information on use history and statistics on reduction in CO2 emissions. You can also plan your journey and compare different travel itinerary for getting to your destination. With the Silence app, you can share your scooter with anyone you want. Keyless, all you need is a code.

3 driving modes

Silence has three driving modes. In Sport mode, it has more power and speed with more regenerative braking. In City mode, Silence has great performance and balanced power use. In Eco mode, the scooter has a top speed of 45 km/h. This means you can save energy and take it easy. The electric scooters Silence also have the reverse gear, for great maneuverability of the vehicles during urban journeys.


Multi-function Power Battery Pack can store energy and use it for power others deices, when you are at home, at work, in a camping or in boat. With the Silence portable inverter, you can use the energy stored for loads of things. It has 700 W to power, for example, speakers, charge smartphones, tablets, laptops. Just connect the battery to the Inverter. It has four power points where you can plug in any electronic device or appliance, wherever you are.

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