Polaris is a global leader in Mobility Industry, from powersports to outdoors activities. The Company, with more than 30 brands and multiple services, has pushed the boundaries of his vision and expanded beyond powersports into adjacent markets, like commercial and military vehicles, and electric vehicles, where Polaris can add value. The electric segment is dominated by city car, passenger vehicles, cargo vehicles for delivering goods. But the most representative machine is the Ranger EV, the king of full electric off-road vehicles. Ranger operates inside barns, farms or camping, with minimal noise and no tailpipe emissions. The vehicles set-ups ensure a smooth ride on all terrain. The EV is also most appreciated by Military Forces.

Since 1954, when the Company born like a mechanical shop, Polaris leads a business that is driven by innovation. Today Polaris group continues to go in this direction by offering a diverse portfolio of best-in-class brands which reflect the pioneering corporate approach.