Commercial electric vehicles Goupil


Compact, efficient, versatile and fully equipped with Goupil technology and customizations Exelentia, these electric vehicles are the solution for your work. The Goupil’s range offers the ideal electric commercial vehicles for any business and all clients’ typology. 100% electric and zero tailpipe emissions, the Goupils move without any restrictions both in the city center and in closed areas or industrial sites. Whether you are a Public Municipality or a private company, a fleet manager or small enterprise, the combined options available meet all the needs. These electric vehicles are guaranteed for home deliveries of goods, sanitary material, food and drinks in safety, because they have a temperature control system, in compliance with ATP standards. The Goupils are also used for waste collection, streets maintenance and cleaning, public green care, and more other applications. Street legal and suitable to a drive with frequently stop&go, these electric vehicles have the laod capacity to transport a European pallet (dimensions 800×1200 mm). They also can be certified ATEX.

Goupil (Polaris Industries inc. Usa) manufactures electric vehicles in Europe from over twenty years. Leader of electric utility vehicles, Goupil designs tailored made solutions for local authorities, industrial sites, resorts and last mile delivery companies.