About NEVs


Urban electric vehicles for your new way to get around

The Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) is an all electric vehicle that provide an alternative way to move people and goods, between the center and outskirts of the city.
The NEV mobility is faster, cleaner and less expensive than current options. It is possible thanks to the engine, powered by a full electric battery pack. It does not produce CO2 and tailpipe emissions. Moreover, the NEV battery recharges by plugging into a standard outlet, in a simple way for final user.
Small, compact and high performance, the Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are built to have the possibility to circulate in indoor space, sensitive and noise forbidden areas, protected departments, green parks, stations, airports, cemeteries, hospitals, archeological sites, marine reserves and industrial areas at risk of explosion.

What you need. When you want. How you wish.
Urban electric vehicles.

Approved for road use, these electric vehicles create additional economic development opportunities by improving quality of life, reducing energy spending and decreasing the total cost of ownership.
The electric vehicles are designed to meet most utility use, such us people movers until on neighborhood street and most applications, like street food marketing, tourist shuttles, home deliveries, waste collection and streets cleaning.
NEVs are growing in popularity among fleets, both for public Municipality and for private companies. Also Military and Police Forces use these electric vehicles, with customized set-ups, for patrol’s services in special or closed areas, speed and traffic enforcement, first aid in case of fire or accidents, and a variety of functions.