Goupil G4 Pick-up

Drive comfort and high performance, Goupil G4 Pick-up is a small electric truck suitable for transporting a variety of bulk and solid loads.

Goupil G4


2 Passengers
Street Legal
Lead/Lithium batteries
Up to 979 Kg
Up to 50 Km/h
Up to 143 Km

Electric pick-up with fixed body
for transporting loads

In its dropside pick-up version, this G4 combines spacious interior and compact external dimensions. Vehicle’s body is fixed, with usable loading bed of 2.6m². The cargo area can be lodge two Euro pallet, each one of 800mm×1200 mm. By removing the side boards and tailboard, the Goupil G4 dropside pick-up can be transformed into an open flatbed body, ready to carry also heavy loads. Anchor rings secures loads during transit. Goupil G4 Pick-up is the utility electric vehicle for transporting goods in limitated space, like warehouses or small streets in cities’ centers. The G4 is a road approval vehicle.


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