Goupil G4 Isothermal Van

Goupil G4 Isothermal Van is designed to carry and delivery foodstuffs. The thermally insulated cargo area maintains goods’ initial temperature, in compliance with ATP standards.

Goupil G4

Isothermal Van

2 Passengers
Street Legal
Lead/Lithium batteries
Up to 807 Kg
Up to 50 Km/h
Up to 143 Km

Thermally insulated box
for food delivery

Goupil G4 is the Isothermal Van, fully electric, for transporting foodstuffs and sanitary material in the cities’ center or indoors. The isothermal box supports the initial temperature of the cargo and minimizes thermal dispersion. Approved for road use, G4 is a zero emissions vehicle and access to areas with traffic bans or closed spaces. Compact and agile, commercial van combines load volume and insulated box to preserve the product’s freshness.


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