Goupil G6


The Goupil G6 is your new business partner , designed to fulfill the requirements of your everyday professional life.

Larger than the other vehicles in the range (like G2 and G4), the G6 is a compact vehicle that ensures the best results for professionals in all sectors, both in urban and extra-urban areas.

The G6’s wheelbase is available in different configurations in order to meet your every need: pick up or tipper, box van, waste collectors.

The cab and driving position have been designed to offer optimal comfort to the driver as well as the passengers throughout their workday.

The Goupil G6 comes with a 28.8 kWh lithium battery, therefore giving you a range of 153 km. It is an efficient and competitive commercial electric vehicle, in the segment up to 35 quintals.

Flexible in its fittings, the G6 is a sustainable and performing vehicle.


The Goupil G6 is available in different configurations, for example G6 pick-up or tipper for transporting a variety of bulk and solid loads. The vehicle has a loading height of 92.5 cm. There also is the version with aluminium gates and storage box behind the cab.


The Goupil G6 Van is available in more versions with different loading areas up to 9m³. The box van can have lateral sliding doors or rear swinging doors with 70° opening to facilitate loading and unloading operations. The access to the cargo areas is comfortable for workers and offers flexibility to fit any business.


Battery’s capacity is 28,8 kW/h and vehicle range (according to WLTP cycle) is up to 153 km, thanks to lithium LIFEPO4 Technology. Easy to use, G6 can be charged in mode 2 or 3. The Goupil G6 has a maximum speed of 80 km/h and max torque of 182 Nm. With a charger of 6,6 KW, you can completely recharge in 5 hours, with mode 3.


The cab and driving position have been designed to offer optimal comfort to the driver as well as the passengers throughout their workday. Three seats, LCD HD color display, adjustable steering wheel, storage compartment are some of the internal details.

Caratteristiche tecniche
Categoria omologazione stradale EU N1
Numero passeggeri 3
Velocità massima 80 km/h
Peso veicolo a pieno carico (P.P.T) – piombo/litio 2600 kg
Capacità di traino massima 4.300 kg
Pendenza massima superabile 30%
Raggio di sterzata esterno muro a muro| Raggio di sterzata esterno su marciapiede 7000 mm | 6850 mm
Motore Nidec AC 67 V induzione – asincrono
Potenza nominale 24,5 kW
Coppia potenza nominale 67,1 Nm
Potenza massima 62 kW
Coppia massima 182 Nm
Tipo Anteriore – riduttore differenziale
Rapporto 10.86:1
Produttore Curtis
Voltaggio/amperaggio 72 V 650A
Sistema principale di freni Doppio circuito a X
Assistenza di frenata Servofreno
Freno elettrico Freno rigenerativo a 3 livelli
Freni anteriori a disco Ø 280 mm
Freni Posteriori a disco Ø 290 mm
Anteriore Indipendente triangolare tipo pseudo McPherson con ammortizzatori idraulici e molle elicoidali – escursione 169 mm
Posteriore Indipendente posteriore a braccio con ammortizzatori idraulici e molle elicoidali – escursione 179 mm
Stradali Radiale tubeless
Dimensione pneumatico 195 65 R16C 104/102 R
Tipo pneumatico invernale Radiale tubeless
Dimensione pneumatico invernale 195 65 R16 C 104/102 T
Cerchio in acciaio stampato 6Jx16 H2 5/108/65 ET 50
Pressione consigliata 2,7 bar/4,0 bar
Tecnologia Litio LiFePo4
Capacità 28,8 kWh
Voltaggio- amperaggio 96 V/300 Ah
Autonomia batterie – ciclo WLTP 153 km
Peso batterie 256 kg
Tempo ricarica 9h30 in Modo 2 – 9h30 Mode 2 – 5h00 in Modo 3 – 5h00 Mode 3
Caricabatterie a bordo 6,6 kW